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    Sunday, Sept 8

    At the Aug. 13 Township Board meeting, about 70 residents attended to voice their opposition to altering Haserot Beach.  Thank you to all who made your concerns known to the Board, both in person and in writing.  ALL of the speakers at the meeting were opposed to the Haserot plan, and none were in support.

    Your speeches and letters to the Township Board have paid off.  THANK YOU!!

    On Sept. 10 (tues. 7:00pm), the Township Board is expected to withdraw their application to the DNR to expand the boat launch at Haserot. 

    The board will also consider whether to decommission the Haserot launch and build a new, similar launch at Kelley Park.  If implemented, this plan would convert Haserot to purely a  swimming and recreation facility.  The concept advanced by the Board envisions a single lane, shallow water launch at Kelley, much like the existing Haserot launch.  Minimal or no additional parking would be added to Kelley.

    As it is proposed, swimmer and pedestrian safety would benefit, while boaters would continue to have access. 


    We’re interested hearing your views on this.  Just send us a note at info@savehaserotbeach.com.


    BUT…it’s not a done deal yet.  The scale of the project could change to add more parking at Kelley, a bigger deeper launch with more and bigger boats launching into the Bay, or even to expand the current launch site at Haserot.

    Please continue to show your concern for Haserot Beach and Old Mission Bay by attending Tuesday’s (and future) meetings to make your views known.  This is our Bay and we have to protect it. 


    A Bit of Background

    We are residents of Old Mission, some seasonal and some year-round.  We share our love for our Haserot Beach and its unique community of beachgoers who treasure its low key, small town ambience.  At a time of onslaught from increased complexity and chaos, we aim to protect Haserot as a refuge where life is simple.